Slide A Unique Vision We focus on relationships. Not only do we find this deeply gratifying, as animal and people lovers, it is the only path to great medicine. We get to know you and your pet personally. And because we have a small and dedicated team, you will see the same faces nearly every visit. This matters because it allows for us to get the full picture of your pet's health and the relationship you share with your pet. It helps us to build a relaxed and comfortable experience for pets. And it allows for us to practice kindness during every interaction. We take care of people and pets the right way here. Because your life can, and should, be just a little easier.

Routine or Complex Here, only the best. The team of professionals here has been practicing together a long time and is diverse in their talents. No matter what your pet needs, we have your back. Preventive Care Dental Care Surgical Care Nutrition Vaccinations Blood Work Parasite Control More!

Like Family We Always Care (drag the arrow to the left) We will always tell you what we would do in your shoes. And we work to understand your goals for your pet's health, your relationship with your pet, your family's situation and needs... the total picture. This is why we put such a premium on developing a relationship with you... we understand the range of emotions that go along with pet ownership, and we exist to make it better. This is a guilt free zone. We will work with you to find the best level of care that fits your situation. Because you, your pet, and your family mean the world to us. Now, give us a call, and let us show you.
They are so nice here. Love they have Saturday appointments so no taking off work to go to the vet. Dr. West is kind, gentle, friendly and knowledgeable. You get the feeling she genuinely cares about you and your pet, and has a way of handling animals that makes them feel safe.

My adopted dog is full of energy and can be on the naughty side by getting into things and playing too hard. Dr. Allen has been a professional and a friend every time I bring her in. From needing stitches to needing an enema to needing an xray to treating an itchy ear and – the latest – a dog food change, he listens to what I have to say, offers his professional input, and I always feel good about the final decision for care.


There are no better Vets or staff in the Salt Lake Valley than at Brickyard Animal. They have healed a number of our pets over the years and helped us when it was time for some to pass from this life. We’ve always been treated like family and it’s that genuine care that keeps us coming back.


This place is wonderful.!! Everyone from the awesome front desk staff to the techs to the amazing doctors are nothing but kind, patient and compassionate professionals. I take all my critters here… wouldn’t go anywhere else!!